Fire safety

Specialized & highly qualified

For 30 years

Securplan has been a specialised, highly qualified planning office with core competencies in fire safety, which is why the company is considered an industry leader for this sector in South Tyrol. For 30 years now we have been producing fire safety projects and concepts for all activities and sectors in South Tyrol, Italy, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, constantly developing safe and cost-effective fire safety solutions for our clients that are precisely tailored to their needs.

We can also reliably handle approval procedures and advise our customers on choosing the right fire safety solution for construction work.

  • We also produce:
  • Fire risk analyses
  • Evacuation plans
  • Fire department plans

Securplan – South Tyrol’s leading planning office for fire safety with an international reach

State-of-the-art methods and the latest fire safety technology are a matter of course for Securplan.

Securplan has for years been applying risk-oriented planning tools and “Fire Safety Engineering” methods. We do not simply observe the regulations, but rather try and introduce the appropriate fire safety strategy for each individual company in terms of cost optimisation, safety and implementation of architectural concepts.

The handling of official approval procedures, with special exemptions and derogations, is becoming ever more important. Our core competencies include accompanying customers following official inspections, including the legal restructuring of existing situations.

We also produce expert opinions for use in court proceedings following fires.


Fire Safety Engineering – engineering methods and verification procedures in fire safety

The “Fire Safety Engineering Method” focuses on risk-related fire safety planning. The planner requires extensive, in-depth specialist knowledge, but this helps the client save costs while ensuring the fire safety measures are more effective.

This permits the creation of a bespoke fire safety concept according to the existing fire risks. This means that larger architectural solutions can be implemented, thus avoiding complicated and expensive fire safety measures such as often result from compliance with conventional regulations.

Securplan has been using the “Fire Safety Engineering Method” for fire and evacuation simulations since 1999 and has already implemented numerous projects with this method.

We use zonal models from B-Risk and field models (CFD) with the application of FDS for fire simulations, as well as PedGo and Pathfinder for evacuation simulations. We also use this software in insurance procedures related to claims settlements following fires.


Fire simulations

Field models CFD



Fire simulations

Zone models



Evacuation simulations