Safety Planning & Management

Digital emergency & crisis management

This bridges the gap between emergency planning on paper and effective implementation in practice.

Anywhere – anytime – for quick and decisive action

The software

Securplan’s SP+M software permits users to act quickly and decisively in emergencies and crisis situations.

Previously defined measures can be quickly accessed and implemented, anywhere, anytime, via a mobile device or PC.

With the help of Securplan SP+M, those with responsibility can carry out their tasks rapidly and decisively. No matter how complex, emergency and disaster control plans can be processed efficiently and effectively regardless of location. All actions are also precisely documented.

Securplan has been creating emergency plans for authorities, businesses, hospitals, etc. for 30 years now and therefore has a great deal of experience in this area. The SP+M software was developed by Securplan itself to optimise emergency planning “on paper”. We therefore do not simply limit ourselves to providing our customers with a software package but can also offer advice and expertise in answering any questions regarding emergency and disaster control and BCM planning.



The platform is divided into five modules:

  • Checklist
  • Plans
  • Contacts
  • Blog
  • External apps


Using the interactive checklist, those with responsibility in emergency and catastrophe situations have the means to assess the current situation, anywhere and anytime, allowing them to quickly initiate the necessary measures.

The interactive checklist permits alarm levels to be quickly and decisively established and the persons required for emergency response to be alerted directly.

Emergency plans and other scenario-related checklists can then also be accessed from the checklist.


The module contains the documentation, checklists and plans contained in the crisis and emergency plan, all clearly structured and ready for use.


SP+M stores a contact and phone directory centrally on the platform so as to provide quick access to relevant contacts. This ensures that the most important phone numbers in an emergency are immediately available at a glance and the necessary calls can be made with just one click.


A separate communication module permits all actors to communicate the most important messages and to follow those of other users. This means that all users have a full overview of the current situation without having to make time-consuming phone calls or send out numerous e-mails.

Users should limit their reports to the essential and produce them in brief written form. This enables management to maintain an optimal overview and thus make the right decisions.

External apps

Important information on the network (e.g. warnings, weather radar, water levels, etc.) can be accessed quickly and easily via individual links that are set in advance, thus permitting access to further important information.


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