Business Continuity Management

Ensure business continuity / prevent damage due to malfunctions or interruptions

Business Continuity Management

Important processes in companies can be disrupted or halted at any time by internal or external influences, with serious damage or devastating losses as a result. Under Business Continuity Management, action strategies and plans are developed so that management can safely and immediately counter any dangers that arise.

Business Continuity Management refers to the development of strategies, plans and actions to ensure that operational processes will continue even in emergency, failure or threat situations. The first step in BCM is the realisation of a Business Impact Analysis so as to determine relevant damage scenarios. Damage scenarios encompass all failures, malfunctions and negative influences that can disrupt operational processes or bring them to a complete halt.

The right measures are then determined for each scenario on the basis of the Business Impact Analysis and set out in the form of a checklist. In this way a company will not be faced with unsolvable problems in an emergency but rather recognise them in good time and react quickly and appropriately.

Depending on requirements, plans are developed in accordance with applicable standards or by taking them as a basis.

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